When do the races start?
Gates open at 10:30am and post time is 12:30pm on all days except 9/7 where gates open at 10:00am and post time is 11:30am.

How many races per day?
There are between 10-12 races on the card each day.

How late should they run?
Racing typically ends around 6:00pm on weekdays, and approximately 6:30pm on weekends.

If there are tickets available day-of, how much will single tickets costs?
If tickets have not sold out before race day, individual tickets will be sold online (and at the Check-In Table On-Site) for the following rates: 8/29 = $125 each 8/31 = $200 each 9/1 = $200 each 9/5 = $125 each 9/7 = $350 each 9/8 = $200 each 9/11 = $125 each Check https://themintkentuckydowns.com/live-racing/ to learn if individual tickets are available on a given day, or call the Players Club.


What to do if they want to purchase a table but don’t know who all will be joining them?
When purchasing tickets online, the names of your guests are not required fields. In your ticket purchase confirmation email there are instructions on how you can log in and forward ticket to the end user. Must be 18+ to purchase tickets. Guests under 18 are welcome with a guardian. In ticketed areas, guests under 21 will receive a wristband confirming alcohol is prohibited.

If we have four couples each buying 2 tickets can we be seated at the same table?
If each couple selects the same table number when purchasing tickets, you’ll be all set.

Do you have a ticket offering less expensive than the Finish Line Pavilion?
New for 2024 is a ticket category we are calling the “Stretch Run Ticket”. This ticket zone will be located between the VIP Chalet and the General Admission are outside the Mint. Tickets will cost $25 each on weekdays and $40 each on weekends. Food and drink are not included, but available for additional purchase. This ticket zone will not be offered on Saturday September 7th Be Aware: Stretch Run ticketholders will not have access to the Paddock.

Are children allowed to attend the races?
Guests of all ages are allowed outside The Mint Gaming Hall at Kentucky Downs. Must be 18+ to purchase tickets. Guests under 18 are welcome with a guardian. In ticketed areas, guests under 21 will receive a wristband confirming alcohol is prohibited.

What is your ticketing cancellation policy?
NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED UNLESS ONE OF THE FOLLOWING OCCURS: - If cancellation occurs prior to race day, ticketholder is entitled to transfer ticket to rescheduled day, or a full refund - If cancellation occurs on race day before the conclusion of Race 5, ticketholder is entitled to transfer ticket to the rescheduled day - If cancellation occurs after Race 5, no refunds will be issued

If a cancellation of racing occurs ticket holders are “entitled to transfer ticket to the rescheduled day.” Would that be a day of their choice, an already designated day, or whatever day has availability?
If a cancellation occurs, the racing will be rescheduled for a designated day (and communicated on https://themintkentuckydowns.com/live-racing/ Tickets for the cancelled day will be valid for the designated rescheduled day only.

How to cancel or reschedule after purchasing a table if needed.
Per the cancellation policy above, cancellations and rescheduling are not permitted unless one of the criteria above is met.

Who to talk to if they are unsure if their ticket order went through correctly?
Email [email protected] with details on what you attempted to purchase, for what day, and when did your transaction occur. A representative will search the system and will reply with a confirmation on your purchase, or instructions how to complete the order.


Does my Finish Line Pavilion or VIP Chalet ticket include alcohol?
Yes. Each ticketholder will receive a wristband allowing access to the full bar and buffet included in your ticket. No drink tickets needed.

What is on the menu each day?
For the VIP Chalet, the Finish Line Pavilion, and the Food Trucks outside the Oasis Bar at The Mint Gaming Hall, food will be available starting at 11:30am daily. Menus vary by date and are not published in advance. For the buffets included with tickets to the VIP Chalet and the Finish Line Pavilion, you can assume you’ll have your choice of proteins, a fresh salad, choice of sides, as well as rolls, dessert and an afternoon snack.

Can I get access to the paddock or Finish Line area without a ticket?
No. Paid tickets are required for the Paddock and Finish Line areas. General admission and tailgating areas are from the 1/8 pole South to the Turn including inside The Mint Gaming Hall.

When will guests be able to get live race programs and how much do they cost?
Racing programs are available outside the Mint Gaming Hall. Prices TBD.

Will there be additional place for guests to bet on the races?
There will be mobile betting terminals under a tent in the tailgate area, betting machines inside and outside The Mint Gaming Hall, in the Mint’s Simulcast Room, The Finish Line Pavilion, and the VIP Chalet

Will alcohol be permitted outside during race time?

How does parking work? Are parking passes needed?
All parking is free and no passes are required. Parking for General Admission is in the paved lot outside the Mint Gaming Hall. Parking for Finish Line Pavilion and VIP Chalet is in the lot North of the Mint and Spring Hill Suites. We ask racing guests to avoid parking directly outside the SpringHill Suites to allow those spaces to remain available for hotel guests.

Will anything be different in terms of simulcasting area or just first come, first serve?
First come first served as always.

What is the dress code in the various venues?
The tailgate area, general admission, and Finish Line Pavilion is casual (t-shirts and shorts acceptable). The VIP Chalet is “business casual”. Men typically wear collared shirts and occasionally blazers. Shorts are acceptable. Blouses and dresses are common for ladies.


I see you paved the grass tailgating lot outside the final turn. How will tailgating be affected in 2024?
Tailgaters are still welcome in the same location on the new pavement with only a few changes. Tents cannot be staked, but must be secured if used. Kentucky Downs will provide a limited number of weighted buckets tents can tie to and guests can secure tents to their vehicles. Kentucky Downs Security Team reserves the right to disallow use of tents not properly secured for safety reasons. The tent where the mobile tellers are located will be made bigger for 2024. All tailgating guests are welcome to seek shade under the tent as always.

What are guests allowed to bring for tailgating? Ex: Tents, Chairs, coolers, etc.
Chairs and coolers are allowed in the Tailgating and General Admission areas. Tents must be secured (but not staked in the new pavement) and are not allowed in the row closest to the track. Event security reserves the right to check for proper ballasting and remove the tent if not properly secured to avoid dangerous situations around the horses.